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that. glenn: did you vote for obama? >> i did. glenn: why? >> i was torn. i voted for him and then i voted all republican. i was torn -- i did it mostly out of sense of obligation to grow the part of martin luther king and people who grew up through alabama and i got to be honest with you. the president is getting a free pass within the black community on so many things. where are the jobs? what are you doing for the little people? we're supposed to have a trickle up economy. i remember those words. glenn: i do, too. >> you don't trickle up when you give a.i.g. billions and goldman sachs billions. glenn: so what do we do? >> i am hoping that somehow the kids, balls it's always about the youth, that the kids will be able to look around and say this president obama, a guy who made it and i want to use his footprint and he made it through education. he is a wonderful speaker. he has a great education. that, to me, is ultimately how to turn all of this around. glenn: charles, i was -- i'm puzzled not just by your life experience as an african-american kid where, you know, you get beat up
. president obama arrived in tokyo overnight, the first stop on a four-nation tour of asia. the president will tackle huge economic and security issues during his trip. >> but he hasn't left the car in afghanistan behind. abc's yunji de nies is traveling with the president. and joins us this morning from tokyo. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the president has a lot to talk about. but his main mission on this visit is diplomacy. on his first visit to the regi as president, the white house says he's really here to strengthen relationships. president obama touched down in too, kicking off a week-long, asian tour. where he'll visit four countries and meet with a bevy of world leaders. mr. obama's agenda is broad. international economy, climate change, global security, and the war in afghanistan. while there's plenty to talk about, unlike past presidential trips, there's no concrete agreements expected out of his tour. on his way here, the president stopped in alaska to mt with troops. mr. obama is not expected to announce whether he will send more american
>>> tonight on "rldfocus" -- >>> preside obama in jan. the chging relationship of an assertive,ew japanese leader stes outis ground. >>> wi jobs in thebalance, the british gornment tries to deal with arowing backlash over immigtion. > pakistan unr atta. th latestdeadlybombing shows that not en the cntry's spy agency issafe. >>> how acountry richin culture d history is gog afte tourist welme to iraq. >>> from the worls leadin reporters and anysts here' what's hpening around the world. this is "wldfocus."uc=cíz major supporhas been provided by rosli p. walter and the peter g. petern foundation, dedicated to proting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challenges fang amica's future. additional funng is provided by theollowing supporters >>> held sloe good evening. i'm daljit aliwal. when president obama arrived in japa today on the fit stop of his first trip to asia, heame ce to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader wh swept into office on a prome ochange. includinasserting greater independce in dealing with the united states. prime minist yukio hatoyoma s
>> charlie: welcome to the broadcast. we begin with a new documentary about prt obama produced by the actor edward norton and the writers are amy rice and alicia sams. >> it's not about how much of obama do we get to see but the movement and the structure of the campaign and the internal piece of that history that's now occurred which is he got elected. >> be the i bought his book and i read it and you know, he has an incredible story and a thought, wow, this guy could be the first african-american president and i thought it would make a great documentary. >> there was almost a serendipity to the campaign and it occurred within him and -- it was the right campaign for the right person at the right time and there's like an elegant simplicity to it all and a genius behind it. >> charlie: and the basketball coach from the university of north carolina, roy williams. >> i loved going on the road. i love having the majority of people not being for us, cheering against us. the national championship gam this year in detroit with us against michigan state, 72,000 people and 7,000 were f
by the national captioning institute^ bret: next on "special report," the obama administration will bring 9/11 suspects to america for full trials. we will have reaction from 9/11 families. it is a popular charitable group, and is it actually funneling money to iran's nuclear program? and president obama begins his first asian visit by riping critics of his slow deliberation on afghanistan, and we will look inside the new sarah palin book, all that plus the fox all-stars and the friday lightning round, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. five of the men accused of sovment in the worst terror attack in u.s. history are return together scene of the crime. attorney general eric holder nownlsed today that self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind khalid sheik mohammed and four others will be tried in civilian federal court, just blocks from ground zero in new york. national correspondent catherine herridge begins our team coverage. >> by his own admission, the decision to send the alleged 9/11 conspirators to trial in new york is monumental. >> i have
actually comes. the obama, for obama. here, it starts with a name. margaret conley, abc news, obama city, japan. >> and the word obama translates to little beach. >> little beach, he sadly will not be visiting on this trip. >> yeah. >> maybe next time. >>> stay w >> just moments away on good morning, washington, traffic for trivers and will a water main break turn an already big friday rush into a longer one? >> and a nor'easter funds to coast with heavy rains and high winds. we are on storm watch this morning. >> and president obama arrives to another country and makes a tribute to the service penn. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good friday morning washington, i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling, good morning, everybody. we have made it to friday morning. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> this could be a difficult one on the beltway. >> brian? >> we're looking at some rough gos along the area because of leftover wet pavement and gusty winds. today the rain is less intense. light in nature but off and on roughout day. it will
." >> more american influence in asia as president obama begins his first tour of the continent as the u.s. leader with talks in japan. the militants to attack -- strikes again, after a bombing in pakistan. the british prime minister talk about what america the allies could provide. and the beautiful game turned ugly. bond era it is that the stone- throwing crowd as they meet egypt for a key world cup qualifier. it is 7:00 in washington. barack obama is beginning his push for a bigger american role in asia and in japan, coming to the end of a busy day on his first asian tour as u.s. president. he has been holding talks with the japanese prime minister, trying to smooth ties between the two longtime allies. from tokyo, here is our correspondent. >> president obama arrived in japan still a dependable friend of the u.s. but more assertive than before. this is only the second time in half a century that an american president has had to deal with a prime -- japanese prime minister not from the liberal party. once a different relationship, -- yukio hatoyama once an equal relationship. >> there
, president obama is now in japan. while he's there he won't be venturing outside tokyo. >> and that's not what many japanese wanted to hear. especially in the city that has the name the president has. margaret connelly reports from obama city, japan. >> reporter: far from the bustling city of tokyo, a five-hour journey by train is a coastal town along the sea of japan. now famous for its name. from street banners and taxis to obscure souvenirs, this town reaches out to the president from the other side of the world. at obama city hall, the mayor shows us correspondence with the white house. photographs and notes of thanks from the president and michelle for the city's gifts and letters. mayor says it's not a one-way thing. featured on this chocolate cake box along with slogans for world peace. the president and i have the same face, he says, the only difference is the hairstyle. people say we have the same ears. in this port town of 30,000 people fishing has long been the main industry. increasingly the people in this town are cashing in on the obama name. and there's even a place t
is wrong with the military. sean: your overview of barack obama. in short, mine is, he is a radical ideologue, has no inclination or tendencies toward moderation. what do you think when you look at what he's doing to the economy, health care, banks, car companies, and national security? >> much worse than i thought. early on, i will confess, when i heard people sang "socialist," i said come easy. hold up. you know me. then, his communications director steps up and says how she admires socialists. i thought he was a great politician. we know he is a great politician. i thought he would give it once he saw -- i thought two tuesdays ago, new jersey and virginia, but he would have it. it is ideologies. sean: we saw what happened last tuesday. with the gubernatorial elections in particular, i think it was a political earthquake. i think the democrats or in denial about it. here in lies an opportunity for the republican party, which i have been critical of, for losing core values, to go back to basic principles. i think they could beat nancy pelosi. they could take back the house. do you
being held. it is also where the five were being tried by a military court. the obama administration rejected to the way some evidence was obtained. the president spoke out against torture and says a federal trial will be fair. >> khalid sheikh mohammed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. the american people insist on it and my administration insists on it. >> it makes little sense to these people. they listen to khalid sheikh mohammed in this military court room as he boasted for being behind the attack of 9/11. they lost their son christopher, a firefighter, in the twin towers. they are angry about the decision. >> he is very dangerous. i do not want them near my grandchildren or near anybody's children. >> president obama is transferring detainee's will bring an end to guantanamo but there is still strong opposition against bringing terrorist suspects to the u.s. mainland. >> there was always going to be a bitter clash between the football rivals, but the governing body has written guarantees about the safety of the algerian team. they say four members of thei
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. thank you very much. another fox news alert. president obama is in tokyo right now to meet with the prime minister. he's beginning a one-week tour of asia in an effort to restore relations. the president looking to prove to asian leaders they are a priority, despite the wars in iraq and afghanistan. on his way to japan, the president stopped over in alaska. he told our troops he would not sent them into conflict without a clear strategy. >> i want you guys to understand i will never hesitate to use force to protect the american people or our vital interests, but i also make you this promise. i will not risk your lives unless it is necessary to america's vital interests. gretchen: coming up in 15 minutes, the president and prime minister are scheduled to speak live. we will bring that to you when temperatures. another break story. a homicide bomb area tacks a naval base in afghanistan, wounding at least six people. it happened this morning near camp phoenix, a logistics support base for u.s. forces. the taliban, of course, claiming responsibility. saying they were targeting
warriors including bill: impact segment tonight, still no decision from president obama over whether to send more troops to afghanistan as requested. the mother of soldier killed in afghanistan is fed up. >> i pray for the leaders every day that they are guided to make good decisions. this is to the president of the united states. it is time, it is time to make a decision. bill: today we learn the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan doesn't want more troops. so chaos reigns. joining us now from washington former ambassador to the u.n. and author of the book the prosperity agenda. here in the k.t. mcfarland defense official in the reagan administration. you can debate policy. i sympathize because it is a very complicated situation. he doesn't want to get into another vietnam or even another iraq in the early stages. however, however, now you have abject chaos. the ambassador pitted against the top general in the field. these guys talk every day. >> sure. bill: one is saying we need them. the other guy is saying don't send them. this is bad. >> it's not just. this remember, mcchrystal was t
, president obama arrived in japan. this was the president's first trip to asia as president. during his trip, he'll visit china, singapore and south korea. mr. obama and the japanese prime minister expected to discuss the marine base in okina as well as the climate and afghanistan. >> this morning the parents of the so-called balloon boy are expected to plead guilty. both richard and mayumi heene turned themselves in at a larimer county courthouse in colorado. both are expected to plead guilty to false reporting to authorities which is a misdemeanor. richard is also pleading guilty to felony charges of attempting to influence a public servant. according to reports, the plea deals will ensure that mayumi heene is not deported back to japan. to maryland now where federal authorities are trying to seize a mosque and a building rented by the islamic education center in rockville. it's part of a nationwide seizure of properties owned by alavi foundation. the government claims it's funneling money to a bank involved in iran's nuclear program. >>> in the district, two employees of the togo embassy
faces. tonight there is word that president obama has ordered an inventory of all intelligence files on major hasan and how they were handled. catherine herridge updates this investigation. >> a week after the shooting, the wheels of justice are moving forward. >> u.s. army major nidal malik hasan, a 39-year-old psychiatrist assigned to darnell medical center here at fort hood is charged with 13 specifications of pre-mediated murder. >> without taking questions, the military briefer laid out the facts as investigators know them. >> we still believe there was only one gunman at the scene. >> the crime scene, including the are readiness center, including four adjacent buildings and parking lots is described as massive and complex. >> experts have been working to reconstruct and analyze all evidence cheghtsed at the scene. >> investigators now report that private business cards in hasan's name were found inside his apartment near the base. the claim first carried by abc news and later confirmed by fox is that the card included the acronym which included s.o.a. which means soldier of al
are being held now. guantanamo bay in cuba. president obama has promised to close down the notorious prison. some of the families of those who died think this is justice at last, not mr. and mrs. santora whose son was a firefighter, he died in the twin towers. they say the accused should never set foot in america. >> we need to be protected from them. these are very dangerous -- i think diabolic individuals. i don't want them near my grandchildren. i don't want them near anybody's children. i don't want them on our soil. >> in new york, some worry about the sort of security that will surround such a sensational trial. many welcome the news. >> better that it's in new york where he'll get a fair jury of new yorkers following both the 1993 bombing and the 2001 event. i hope he gets a fair trial. >> they should be here. they should be in new york where the event occurred and allow the citizens of new york to witness firsthand the administration of justice. >> this is a very political decision. before being sent to guantanamo, mohammed was water boarded, some would say tortured, 183 times. evid
. >>> tokyo touchdown. president obama begins his asian tour trying to shore up relations with japan. >>> and going rogue oig. sarah palin dishes on what her vice presidential campaign was really like. this is the cbs morning news for really like. this is the cbs morning news for friday, o. november 13th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning much of the east coast is getting pounded by the remnants of hurricane ida. virginia, southern mere land and delaware are bearing the brunt of the fierce nor'easter. the storm still packses win gusts of 50 miles an hour and bands of drenching oig rain. at least five deaths are being blamed on the severe weather. joel brown is this ocean city maryland, thorn. joel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ocean city will wake up to another round of he's powerful winds and rain today. wind gusts pushing 50 miles an hour lashing this part of the coast and the rain totals are inching higher. ida's leftovers are still packing a tropical punch. >> what are you experiencing right no
corte militar, el presidente barco, rechazÓ todas las opciones sobre la mesa. -barak obama. >> comienza a llegar ayuda a los damnificados del salvador mientras que su gobierno le pide estados unidos, extender [] a los salvadoreÑos en este paÍs. >> grupos bordo los derechos de los inmigrantes cantan victorias de la renuncia del polÉmico comentarista de cnn. >> pagarÁn los padres del llamado niÑo del globo por engaÑar al mundo y costar miles de dÓlares a los contribuyentes. >> si, usted no le estÁ dando duro el teclado es posible que se estÉ quedando atrÁs en la sociedad, esta noche la primera parte de nuestra serie especial "sociedad virtual". >> este es un noticiero univisiÓn Última hora. >> por supuesto gracias por su sintonÍa y de medidas a estaediciÓn. es oficial, ademÁs de intentar recobrar su salud del mayor [] tiene una nueva preocupaciÓn, los 13 cargos de asesinato premeditado impuesto por una corte militar de justicia, cargo que podrÍan aumentar, el presidente ordenÓ defensa una investigaciÓn de inteligencia, pasamos de inmediato con cristina quien estuvh@univ
: jeffrey brown reports on president obama's japan visit; paul solman talks with sheila bair, the nation's chief banking regulator; and mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland to haran's best selling whole wheat, while keeping 60 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> 150 years of financial strength and the experience of an established investment firm have come together. wachovia securities is now wells fargo advisors. the financial advisors nearby and nationwide. with the advice and planning expertise to help you address today's unique challenges, we're with you. wachovia securities is now wells fargo advisors. together, we'll go far. this is the power of human energy. and by toyota. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institut
. guantanamo b incuba. president obama hasromised to close down the notorious prison. some of the famies of tse who died think this is justi at last, not mr. and mrs. santora whose son was a firefighter, hdied in the twi towers. they say the aused should never set footn america. >> we need to b protected from th. these are very dangerous -- i thi dbolic individuals. i don't want them near my grandchildn. i don'tanthem near anybody's ildren. ion't want them on our il. >> in new york, some worry about the sort ofsecurity that will surrnd such a sensational rial. many welcome the nws. >> btter that it's in new rk where 'll get afair jury of new yorkers followingoth the 1993 bombing and the 2001 event. i hpe he gs a fair trial. >> theshould be he. they suld be in new york wre the event occurred and allow the citizens of new york twitness firsthan the administratn of juste. >> thiss a very politil decision. before bein sent to gutanamo, mohammed was water boarded, some would say ttured, 183 times. evidence obined that way could ve been allowed bere a mitary tribunal under the bush admintration. ts i
. >> the obama administration makes a controversial announcement about the 9/11 terrorist suspects. >> college basketball tips off tonight. >> the storm off of the carolina doctor banks will play a role in our weekend weather, but we also might get a peak of the sunshine. relatively mild in baltimore right now. the winds are diminishing out of the north. here is a look at what is coming up on tonight's "jay leno" show. > >> the president of the university of maryland baltimore county has been named one of the best college presidents in the united states. he has spent much of his 17-year tenure -- jim smith says his passion and vision made the university a premier institution of higher learning. >> there has been a controversial announcement from the obama administration. khalid sheikh mohammed is the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and will be tried in new york. >> attorney general eric holder said he would not have made this decision if he was not absolutely confident that all five suspects would be convicted and likely face the death penalty. more than eight years after the se
widespread corruption. reports of classified cles sent from eikenrry to esident obama were splashed across e front pages of major newspapers today. t ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in ahite house statemt issued last night. it read: "afteyears of substantial investments bthe american peoe, governance in afghanistan musimprove in a reasonable piod of time." news accountsaid four propols were on the table thursday as the prident met again with his nationasecurity team. today however, defee secretary robert gates nfirmed mr. obama wanted something different. e option was to add 30,000 o more troops to take on the taliban in targeted, keareas. the otr three ranged from a small influx of forces to th 4000 general mcchrystal has asked r. the eventsn the u.s. could add to the pressure on ahan presint hamid karzai, after his default re-eltion earlier this mont secretary of state hillary clinn underscored that point today, during a stopn the ilippines. >> we're lookg to president karzaias he forms a new government, to takaction that will demonstrate-- n to the internional community-- but f
>>> this morning on "early today," far east diplomacy. president obama arrives in japan, kicking off his first tour of asia. >>> deflated reality. the colorado parents who orchestrated last month's balloon boy hoax prepare to face the music. >>> and unnecessary roughness. a michigan police officer ends up in hot water after he is seen a michigan police officer ends up in hot water after he is seen tasering a handcuffed suspect. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. >>> and today we begin with first stop, tokyo. president obama arrived in the japanese capital this morning to kick off a nine-day four-nation tour through asia. it follows a quick stopover in alaska. the president spoke to u.s. troops before turning his attention to a jam-packed international agenda. chuck todd joins us live from tokyo this morning. chuck, so, what is the agenda for the next couple days? >> reporter: well, as you said, dan, it is a jam-packed schedule. he's doing five stops in four countries. it starts here in tokyo, two days, meeting wi
will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. the american people insist on it. >> barack obama signed an executive order to close the military center at guantanamo. >> i think the president will find upon reflection that bringing the worst of the worst terrorist inside the united states would be cause for great danger. >> the big surprise is that muhammed will be tried in a civilian court and not subject to a military tribunal. >> this is a prosecutorial decision as well as a national security decision. >> the attorney general says 5 detainee's will be tried in federal court. >> these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> the government is expected to >> the president's deadline to shut down the detention center by january will almost certainly not be met. >>> our other big story on this friday is that powerful nor'easter pounding the east coast. it broke a barge freight from its power in virginia beach. how that barge is carrying hazardous materials. the coast guard says there is little risk to the public. >>> and st. mary's county, coastal flooding forc
to the ensign our letter to president obama to stop this. bill: thank you for your time. we will see you again in person, i am sure, as we get more details on what will happen with khalid sheikh mohammed and four others. stay strong, okay? juliet: it is hard to listen. whatever side you are on, you can still hear the pain and agony in her voice. çbill: put yourself in her sho. she laid it out for us about what she is feeling. juliet: we will be speaking to peter king, as well as a firefighter who was there. but to takeç a closer look at what khalid sheikh mohammed is accused of. he admitted he was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. he allegedly proposed the plot to the usama bin laden as early as 1996. he obtained funding, went on to train overseas hijackers in pakistan and afghanistan. he is also said to be involved in the killing of daniel pearl. he was captured in pakistan in 2003. bill: we expect a press conference from eric holder this morning. we do not have an official time, but as we wait on that, we also have calls out to rudy giuliani. the aclu may also join us. so
obama is in japan this morning. one issue on his agenda, the future of u.s. military bases in that country. >>> and the november nor'easter causing pr if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >>> right now, time is running out to bury a korean war veteran. he was 83 when he died back in august. he is to be buried with full military honors this afternoon, but yesterday somebody sto an urn from the family's van. the urn was in a turquoise back. discharge papers are also missing along with the death certificate. his family offered a $1,000 reward if the ashes
presidente barack obama, anuncio hoy que acogera un foro en la casa blanca el proximo mes con empresarios, sindicatos y organizaciones sin animo de lucro entre otros para discutir formulas para la creacion de empleo...el mandatario celebro el que la economia haya vuelto a crecer por primera vez en mas de un ano, pero indico que ese repunte no ha conducido todavia al crecimiento del empleo que snecesita desesperadamente... describio como una senal esperanzadora un informe que muestra que las peticiones semanales de ayuda por desempleo han caido, pero aun asi reconocio que hay millones de personas buscando un puesto de trabajo... los padres que reportaron que su hijo de 6 años se encontraba a bordo de un globo con helio en colorado, se declararan culpables de algunos cargos... ya que de lo contrario la madre, podria ser deportada... richard heene se declarara culpable de fraude y su esposa se declarara culpable de dar un reporte falso a las autoridades, lo que es considerado un cargo menor... de lo contrario, de ser hallada culpable de cargos mas graves, podria ser deportada a japon...
on the forecast but for weather updates any time, log on to >> president obama is in tokyo for the first stop on his four-nation tour of asia. he will meet with japan's prime minister later today as the president waves a decision of the war strategy in afghanistan. the white house says a formal announce smeapt still weeks away and mr. obama says he won't send troops in harm's way unless they have proper support and there's a clear exit strategy. the army's psychiatrist accused of the fort hood shootings could face the death personality. major malik nadal hasan has been charged with 13 marges of murder and could be charged with a 14th count because one of the victims was pregnant. president obama wants details on what they knew about hasan. >> it could end up being one of the biggest counterterrorism sees yures ihistory. federal prosecutors took a u.s. skyscraper and four u.s. mosques inuding the islamic education center owned bety non-profit muslim organization the alabi foundation suspected of being secretly controlled by the iranian government. federal prosecutors are try
of the 9/11 terror attacks. today the obama administration announced he and four others will be tried in a civilian courthouse in new york city blocks from where the world trade center towers once stood. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. those suspects could face the death penalty. steveandelsman is on capitol hill with more on this. >> thanks. this is what president obama meant to close guantanamo bay and put the most accused on trial in the open here in the u.s. near the scene of the crime, blocks from where the twin towers fell in 2001. the confessed master mind of the 9/11 attacks khalid shaikh muhammed and four accused accomplices will go on federal trial for the murder of 3,000 people. >> nothing can bring back those loved ones, but they deserve to see the alleged plotters of those attacks held accountable in open court. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder and president obama are breaking from the bush administration, closing guantanamo and bringing the notorious inmates to the u.s. >> i fully expect to direct prosecutors to seek the death
they -- guantanamo bay. that will happen right here in new york city. the move comes after president obama's promised to shut down the facility in guantanamo bay sparked heated debate in congress and elsewhere over where those detainees should be sent. the u.s. attorney general promised a fair trial for those suspects as well as fairness for the families. >> after eight years of delay, those alleging the the trip is of the attacks and 9/11 will finally face justice. they will be brought to new york to answer for their alleged crimes in the courthouse just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. martha: that is the blockbuster headline today. our national correspondent joins me now from our washington bureau. i understand you had an opportunity to speak with one of the lawyers for these 9/11 conspirators. what did he tell you? >> he said this would be a gain changer -- game changer for the man. they tried to plead guilty, and he said he did not think this would be the case in federal court. "rushing in to plead guilty will go by the wayside," and he went on to tell me that the men will now
in cuba at guantanamo bay and president obama has promised to close that prison, but first his administration has to figure out what to do with the detainees. many have been there for many years. today's decision marks a major milestone in efforts to close down the gitmo camp and put detainees on the path to their final fate. but it also comes with serious backlash. the united states, which the attorney general saw coming. take a listen. >> i can give people will in a neutral and detached way look at the decision made today and understand the reasons why i made those decisions and try to do something rare in washington, leave politics out of it and focus on the best interest of the country, i think criticism will be relatively muted. having said that, i am sure we will hear a lot of criticism. gregg: it is not muted. the administration is already hearing a lot of criticism. predecessor michael mukasey, a former federal judge talked about it. >> dealing with the decision to bring these detainees here, a decision i consider to not the only unwise but in fact based on a refusal to
-- >>> hello and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. as president obama weighs his options in afghanistan, a strong voice of dissent has emerged challenging the american commander in afghanistan's call for another 40,000 troops for the war effort. he is the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, karl eikenberry, and he says that only 10,000 to 15,000 more forces should be committed. eikenberry is also a former top commander in afghanistan and he says most of those extra troops should be used not in combat, but to train the afghan army. today, the head of nato also emphasized training the afghan army and police. and to that end, he said the nato allies are also pledging to send more troops. >> if we left afghanistan behind, terrorism could easily spread from afghanistan through central asia and further and destabilize pakistan, a nuclear power. that would be a very, very dangerous situation. and i think all governments realize the way ahead is transition to afghan lead so that we can handle and hand over responsibility to them. >> in the meantime, there is also another issue that permeates just a
. president obama traveling in asia today said mohamed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. bob orr tells us, mohammed will be tried, along with four accomplices, here in new york city, not far from where the world trade center stood until september 11, 2001. >> reporter: eight years after the most devastating terror attack on american soil, the accused architects of 9/11 will be transferred from military custody at guatanamo bay, where they've been held for years, to a federal lockup in new york and tried in a civilian courthouse just blocks from ground zero. >> i fully expect to direct prosecutors to seek the death penalty against each of the alleged 9/11 conspirators. >> reporter: khalid sheikh mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11, is the headline defendant. but the others are also major al qaeda players. walid bin attash is accused of iranning terror camps. ramzi binalshibh, the government says, trained the 9/11 hijack and money man ali abdul aziz ali allegedly helped pay for the attacks. john cartier, who lost his brother, james, on 9/11, is looking forward
-- major nidal hasan. he could face the death penalty. president obama will review all the details in the case. >> people continue lining up for hours to get doses of the swine flu vaccine. thousands of inmates will be getting their jobs. the state has received its first shipment of the swine flu vaccine and will provide jobs to some inmates and staff. inmates that are pregnant, under the age of 24 with underlying conditions, and those ages 25 to 64 with high-risk health complications, and staff assigned to prison medical units are included in the priority group. what do you think of a plan to immunize prison inmates against swine flu while bay -- while there's still such a demand among the general population? email us at >> it's 48 degrees. coming up, a jury has convicted a man for murder of an anchorman and now decides whether he will live or die. >> the parents who claimed their son was in a fly away helium balloon, that we will have news on them. >> the roads are wet. be careful. it's pretty windy. it's pretty windy. >> 52 degrees at the maryland scienc >> president obama is in japan this morning, his first stop on a weeklong asia tour. his meeting with the japanese prime minister to discuss a wide range of issues. nikole killion has a preview. >> white house officials say president obama hopes to not only shore up relations with the new government in japan but also to demonstrate the u.s. commitment to the entire region. waving as he stepped off air force one, president obama arrived in tokyo this morning. first, a meeting with the prime minister. >> thank you so much. >> is used like climate change and reducing the threat of nuclear weapons if in countries like north korea on the agenda. you'll also go to singapore, a, south korea. one topic will be the global economy and opening up trade for u.s. exports. but it is a strategy in which asian pacific markets are open to our exports and one in which prosperity around the world is no longer as dependent on american consumption and borrowing. but afghanistan is also weighing heavily on the president's tour as he seeks a new commitment from partners and contemplates a new war strat
for this. barack obama stood up and they had this connection over roses. he said the civil rights generation is the moses generation. the successor had a job to do. he had to leave them over the river into the promised land. what barack obama says it is i will be the leader of the joshua generation and take us over the river. here we are less than a year into the presidency. he is facing an entrenched establishment and a rebellion from his own stiff neck followers on the other. i read this piece about what obama can learn from moses. you are not joshua. you are moses all over again and remember you are still out there having to deal with the people who are frustrated and unfortunaty, as you know, as you were implying, while the story may be remember the outsider, befriend the outsider, those in power are more aligned with the people in power as opposed to the disenfranchised. tavis: how is it that we celebrate these men and women who called the down moses. we celebrate them but we want to dismiss their methodology. >> the -- what is interesting is the story has the ability to cont
. the story of one man's journey to educate others about the islamic faith. >>> president obama touched down in japan overnight. the significance of his first visit of commander in chief and what he hopes to accomplish. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. things are damp for us. not like yesterday. we're seeing activity showing up on the radar from time to time. we'll continue to see that throughout the day today. temperature-wise, we are in the upper 40s and breezy with the winds kicking up. it will be another windy day for us. this is what it looks like fort weekend forecast. it looks a lot better, doesn't it? we'll finally see sunshine and up in the 60s. here's kim. >> thanks, susan. we're looking good around the beltway. no accidents or incidents to let you know about. i have a head's up for the truck drivers when bee come back. ♪ (announcer) maybe we could all use... a little more softness. with ultra downy, you're surrounded with softness. the kind you just can't get from detergent alone. ultra downy. feel more. now save a dollar at ♪ ♪ some eggs right h
is now job number one for president obama. he announced today plans for a white house jobs summit in december with ceos, small business owners, economists, and labor unions. the announcement came just hours after the government reported some encouraging news from the labor front-- the number of u.s. workers filing for jobless benefits last week fell to the lowest level since january. but with the nation's unemployment rate at 10.2%, the president said he's open to new ideas on ways to hire out-of- work americans. >> it's important that we don't make any ill-considered decisions, even with the best of intentions, particularly at a time when our resources are so limited. but it's just as important that we are open to any demonstrably good idea to supplement the steps we've already taken to put america back to work. that's what this forum is about. >> susie: joining us now for more analysis on the president's jobs summit, alec phillips, political analyst at goldman sachs. hi, alec. >> good to be here. >> susie: why the focus on jobs, now, from president obama? >> i think there are pr
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